Early Life

Mark J. Sebastian is an artist and enabler who found his place at the intersection of technology and entertainment. As a San Jose native, Mark has always had a love for tech, which took flight in 1985 with the introduction of the Commodore 128

In 2nd grade, he brought a cartoon graphic that he had created and printed on a dot-matrix printer for show-and-tell, which made him famous at his elementary school. 

In middle school, he was often found dabbling in digital video in which he transcoded VHS tapes into a digital format for editing. 

Throughout high school, he would experiment with advanced applications such as Pascal and Visual Basics and more importantly, a host of video and image applications such as Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.


Fast forward to today, and you will find that Mark has developed a wide range of experience not only as a self-taught digerati of the Silicon Valley, but also as an established artist.

In his quest for knowledge and challenges, Mark moved to Los Angeles where he was casted for the BravoTV reality show “Double Exposure.”  And later, he moved to New York where he assisted fashion photographers Markus Klinko & Indrani on projects with celebrities such as Usher, Dita Von Teese, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, Mary J. Blige, Daphne Guinness and more.

Moving to New York and starting a new career path was the biggest challenge he had ever faced.

“I moved to NY and thought I’d find success at being a ‘NY photographer.’ But as soon as I moved there, I found out that everybody was a NY photographer. Even though I was going nowhere, I felt compelled to stay until I earned my way home.”

Mark eventually found his answers – not by out-new yorking New York City but by embracing his roots.

“As a New York photographer, I was just another grain of the sand washed ashore.  But as a Silicon Valley transplant, I was from the future.”

From that point on, Mark made it a mission to change New York. At his work as an assistant photographer, he began by revising workflows, training in motion graphics, animation and video editing software, automating redundant and tedious tasks, and reinforcing security. 

Since then, photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani have managed to successfully jump from photography to video. This included televised music videos for Alicia KeysDavid Bowie and Mariah Carey plus a short film starring billionaire and fashion icon, Daphne Guinness, who won four awards at the La Jolla Film Festival for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Fashion, and Best Special Effects.

Current Day

Upon moving back to San Jose, Mark has formed much more grounded goals. He now works at a video game development studio where he holds the title of Concept Artist and Director of Photography, both of which allow him to exercise a wide range of skill sets. 

In his leisure, he works on commercial photography and runs a photography club, Shutter Clique, and The Bay Area Photography and Adobe Photoshop User Group to help new photographers refine their techniques while building a sustainable business ethic and discovering their identity. 

Shot Credits

Circle One Marketing
•Maroon 5 / Malibu Rum

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•Cheryl Burke
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Kevin Flores
Product Manager, UI/UX

I've worked with Mark for many years on numerous projects. First off, Mark IS absolutely one of those Swiss Army Knife resources and, as Malcolm Gladwell defined in his book "The Tipping Point", a true Connector. His extended network of all types of people is impressive. 

Mark can hold his own in user interface design and creative graphic layouts. He can light, direct, shoot and edit video. He can produce motion graphics. He handles any hardware or software with ease. He brings creative perspective to any task at hand.

But, his true mastery is the photographic image. He is a real natural at capturing a moment in unique compositions on the fly. Mark's secret, however, is that he is an expert in the technical post process to enhance an image's emotion - everything from color correction and balance, temperature and leveling, just the right crop, to multi-image compositing, texture, layering and any other imaginable Photoshop technique. His work speaks for itself.

For all his experience and expertise, Mark remains humble and understated. I highly recommend Mark except for wanting him always available for my projects!

Kenneth Bones

Creative Polymath

One of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does Mark have a great sense of color, composition, and design, but more importantly, he knows how to effectively tell a story.

Steve Ha

Creative Director / Graphic Alchemist

If your camera lens looks like a bazooka then you are only half way there. If you can take said lens or a lousy lens for that matter and snap brilliant, thought provoking imagery that is respected world wide then you are where Mark is ... a highly sought after professor/student who balances between past and future. Jump on the spaceship before it's too late.

Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Director, Photographer, Director of Arts & Culture UNGMDF, Digital Artist

Mark is an expert and excels in a wide variety of areas from photography to film-making. He is uniquely imaginative, brilliant, and fun, a true artist.

Elisabeth Sporleder

Engineering Project Manager at Apple

Mark's job title of "The Swiss Army Knife" says a lot about his ability to quickly shift gears and multitask. Whether a video needed to be processed, photos retouched and uploaded, or a user guide formatted and graphics added, Mark was the man for the job. In his spare time he helped QA track down and report product defects, doing an excellent job of always being mindful of the enduser. He also worked with our lead designer and product manger to design widgets, pages, and guided tours for the website. Is there anything this guy can't do?

Roger Jennings

Video Producer: Sales, Marketing, and Enablement

Mark Sebastian is a top-notch photographer and video editor. I have had the pleasure to work with him at both Hewlett-Packard and Visual Matter. At Hewlett-Packard, Mark reported directly to me. In his included a variety of tasks: lighting for video, editing video, and studio photography. Mark was always on top of projects and never late. He did not need direction -- he immediately sizes up a situation and takes action to move a project forward. As a manager, it was always a pleasure to see him take the lead and "just get it done". Mark has an above average understanding of photography. If you need studio or photojournalism shots you should not hesitate to hire him. If you are looking for a creative video he will meet or exceed your expectations. Now that Mark is freelance, I try to hire him for projects when he is in or around Cupertino. Mark is a true professional who gets the job done without fuss. He has a great manor that soothes the problematic client. Feel free to contact me directly for a reference.

Neal Desai

Freelance Art Director at 72andSunny

I've known Mark since High School. He was the go-to-guy for getting things done creatively. At the time, that meant video-projects for class that he would edit in Adobe Premiere. Years later, the go-to-guy didn't change, but the medium did. I've worked with Mark on projects involving interactive design, visual effects, video shooting/editing, photography and posters; I can't remember a single project, where he didn't teach me a better, smarter, more efficient way to solve a problem. His ability to look at things differently and find new ways to do just about anything makes him fast, smart, and kind of scary.

Production Credits

Markus Klinko and Indrani
•Alicia Keys
•Armie Hammer
•Dakota Johnson
•Daphne Guinness
•David LaChapelle
•Dita Von Teese
•Elijah Wood
•Jennifer Hudson
•Jessica Stroup
•Katie Holmes
•Kim Kardashian
•Mandy Moore
•Naomi Campbell
•Neiman Marcus
•Ryan Seacrest
•Selita Ebanks
•Serena Williams
•Swizz Beatz
•Willow and Jaden Smith


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